Madison Dawne Studios is a one craftswoman show 

offering printed and naturally dyed textile goods,

handmade paper items, hand bound books, greeting cards, prints, digital work and commission projects of all types.

All goodies are lovingly hand made using sustainable creative processes, with upcycled and locally sourced materials, 

while presenting themes of education, ecology, sustainability, empowerment and general positivity.

Print is not dead. 

The Power of the Press belongs to the Word and Will of the People.

Digital Design

I have created logos and digital marketing collections for a number of small and local businesses.


I can take your childhood home or treasured memories and transform them into lovingly handmade keepsakes.


I have created a variety of personalized items, from sewn handbags and face masks to custom books and greeting cards.

Sign design

I can lend my hand lettering skills to an array of displays, from chalkboards and menus, to market signs and shop windows.

No upcoming events at the moment

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