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The Paisley Shirt


A dear friend had held onto a beloved paisley shirt for over ten years, some things are just too full of memories to let go of.

The shirt was entrusted to me so that I could create something wonderful and useful.  I was honored to be able to take it this keepsake and turn it into face masks. 

This way the keepsake lives on, while keeping loved ones safe (and stylish)  as we work our way through this pandemic.


Scroll though to see photos of the process!

Paisley Shirt

Cross Body Bag


If you're like my wonderful grandmother,

you can never find what you're looking for

in your bag.  For some people, its because they don't have enough pockets, for her, its because there are always too many!

She sent me this beautiful "under the sea" fabric asked that I make her a simple, cross body bag with no pockets. 

Nothing fancy, but very special nonetheless. 


Scroll though to see photos of the details!

Cross Body Bag

The Cannidote


This health and wellness lifestyle shoppe is all about everything natural and everything hemp.

I was lucky enough to create a whole line of

hand made hemp products, hand printed with CNC cut linoleum blocks of their logo.

From charcoal lined wallets and zipper pouches to pamphlet stitch books and face masks 

to business cards made from my own

handmade hemp paper.


Scroll though to see photos of the whole line!

The Cannidote
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