You can now express your Midwest-ness with these themed tote bag!

  • Hand printed using hand carved linoleum blocks.
  • Speedball Black ink on 8 oz cotton tote bag.
  • Approzimately 11 in. x 13 in. with 16 in. handles.


Choose between three patterns that utilize five different fonts.

  • People's Flag of Milwaukee
  • "Ope, Im just gunna go ahead and SQUEEZE right past ya"
  • Midwest Colloquialisms ("Yeah no yeah", "You betcha", "Cripes", "For Sure", "Dontcha Know", and "Oof-dah")




All of my products are handmade and often with upcycled, hand made or hand printed materials - patterns, sizes and other certain details may vary from item to item.

Printed Cotton Tote Bags