One folded Midwest pamphlet stitch books - $6 each


One of EACH Midwest pamphlet stitch books - $24



  • Hand printed with a hand carved linoleum block using shimmering Gold Oil Based Cranfield Ink.
  • Your choice of 100lb heavy weight recycled Olive Green or Dark Blue covers with Gray end pages from French Paper Co.
  • 40 pages of 60lb text weight recycled white from French Paper Co.
  • Approximately 5 in. x 6.5 in. when folded, bound with a pamphlet stitch using white cotton thread.


Choose from:

  • Dontcha Know
  • For Sure
  • Oof
  • Yeah No Yeah
  • You Betcha



*Each item will vary slightly from one to the next, as is likely and natural with hand made items. No two will be exactly alike*

Midwest Series - Pamphlet Booklets