Have you ever wanted to turn a memory, a place or a moment in time into a tangible object? Well, I can help with that!


I can make a simple line drawn illustration with ink and paper of your favorite humans, childhood home or cherished place.  All you have to do is provide me with a decent quality photograph of what you would like to have transformend into a drawing and I will send you a lovely ink and paper treasure.

Lets make something wonderful together!


Just choose the option what type of image, which size you would like and what type of paper you would like the illustration to be created on.

Then, email me at Maddawne@gmail.com with a photo!

The more photos the better for referencing and the higher quality the better for details.  If it is an architectural structure, an address may be requested (Google Maps can be a helpful source for more angled views)

*The final price of the Item will appear once you have made all of your selections*


The "Recycled Hemp Cardstock" is not available in 11 in. x 14 in. but that size is available in the "Bright White Strathmore Print Stock"


** These items are made to order, so please allow up to two weeks for creation and delivery.  They are made by hand in a very simple illustrative style, so if there are a lot of people or tons of details desired, there may be an extra charge. **

Illustrated Portraits