Not really feeling the upcoming Valentine's Day? Not really looking for someone else, and just focusing on loving yourself?

Sometimes, even if we aren't looking for someone new, the incoming energy we get is nowhere near what we want. Or sometimes we're super sarcastic with the ones we truly do hold dear!


These Anti-Valentine's might just be the message you're looking for.

Printed by hand with 5 separate hand carved linoleum blocks, available in a few different color combinations!


  • Approximately 4.5 in. x 6 in. No - Fold
  • 100lb Cover Weight Recycled Pink or Cream from French Paper Co.
  • Paired with a Kraft Paper Envelope from French Paper Co. 



*Each item will vary slightly from one to the next, as is likely and natural with hand made items. No two will be exactly alike*

Anti-Valentine's Notes

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