Women’s Empowerment Project

Installation View


History is authored through the perspective of Western man, which leads to altering or completely omitting truths that do not benefit his image or view. 

The Women’s Empowerment Project is a series dedicated to revealing excluded “herstories”, teaching hidden strengths, and encouraging people to think more critically about their influences. 

Print for Progress, Press for Progress, Answer with Action, Support for Success:

Five layer screen print posters on chipboard.  11 in. x 15 in.


Outspoken & Ambitious, Strong & Capable, Encouraging & Confident

Two layer screen print flyers on chipboard.  7 in. x 10 in.


Her Story: Dorothy Thompson, Her Story: Ida Lewis, Her Story: Katharine Wright; 

Digital print, long stitch “herstory” artist books.  4 in x 5.5 in.

Digital print, boustrophedon fold zines.  2 in. x 2.75 in. and 2.75 in. x 4.25 in.

Wooden boxes. 4 in. x 4 in. x 4.25 in.

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